read: prodigal summer by barbara kingsolver

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on more than one occasion, i have found myself in the following predicament:

1. a friend tells me about a book they just finished and loved.

2. i promptly hop on and place a hold on it.

3. i pick it up and rush home, so excited to start.

4. i read 5 pages, then i set it down below my nightstand.

5. and there it sits for weeks, before i rush it back to the library the morning it’s due, to regretfully push the unread book through the slot before they open, in a last ditch attempt to avoid the inevitable fines that follow my constant procrastination.

(i really have no excuse. i live on the same block as the library.)

6. weeks later, something will remind of the book and here the cycle starts all over again.

months ago, my mom told me about a book she had just finished. she said it was the best book she had read in years and that i should definitely read it.

of course, i immediately picked up prodigal summer” by barbara kingsolver, from the library.

and then proceeded to not read it.

returned it.

checked it out again.

didn’t read it again.

returned it again.

weeks later, i happened to be perusing the paperback books before a trip to the east coast and noticed prodigal summer” staring back at me from the shelf.

i felt a familiar twinge of guilt as it seemed to be shouting at me:

“you have checked me out two times and still haven’t read me!! other people could have been reading me while you were hoarding me away, unread and unloved under piles of cookbooks and css tutorials!!”

i started to walk away, embarrassed to be having a secret conversation with an inanimate object, but something pulled me back.

so before anyone might notice my bizarre behavior, i quickly picked it up, and proceeded to check out with several other books in hand.

the next day, i got on a plane without prodigal summer”

i came home.

then several weeks after,

finally, finally, finally,

i read it.

and it was beautiful! i loved it so much that i finished it in less than a week.

now, i don’t believe in discussing the plot of the books i’ve read with potential readers, because i think it can ruin the delight of being surprised by the twists and turns a work of fiction may take along the way-

but i will tell you that the writing is absolutely beautiful and the characters so very lovable.

and if you choose to spend some time with old chestnuts, moth love & predators, i believe that you will be very pleased that you did…

now, here’s to a year of trying to read books the first time i check them out from will and ariel durant,

instead of leaving the lonely stack to sit, unloved and unread beside my bed…

a new year, a new decade, a new blog

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first entry collage

after a few false starts, this is the year and this is the blog!


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